How to: Download the Dropbox Desktop App on a CoreImage or Flex PC using the Software Center


These instructions apply to installing the Dropbox desktop application using Software Center on a Classic-CoreImage PC (find out what version of CoreImage you are using here). The main advantages of the Dropbox desktop application are the ability to access Dropbox from your taskbar, or access files and folders through File Explorer. 

Note: Admin credentials are NOT needed to add this application to your desktop. 

To begin, locate the Software Center icon on the Start Menu:


1. Open Software Center from the start menu.

If you do not see Dropbox in the Software Center follow these steps.  Otherwise, proceed to step 2 to start the installation.

a. Close Software Center.

b. Open Control Panel

c. Search for and open "Configuration Manager"

d. Click on the Actions tab

e. Highlight Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle.

f. Click Run Now.

g. Click OK on the information window.

h. Click OK to close the Configuration Manager Properties window.

i. Wait a few minutes.

j. Reopen Software Center and proceed.


2. Open "Dropbox" and click Install.

After the install completes, the Dropbox shortcut will be available on the Start Menu.